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Germany / Deutschland > Saxony / Sachsen > Zwickau district > Oberlungwitz > Rathaus (town hall)
Keywords: Town Halls, Government Buildings, Towers, Pharmacies, Post, Restaurants, Restaurants, Advertisement, Classic Cars, Bridges
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Condition: trace of bend on the top left, corners slightly scuffed, back side damaged strongly by glue (see picture)
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monochrome photograph – Hofer Straße (Hof street) with advertising, pedestrians, oldtimers, town hall with tower, post office, drug store, Lamm restaurant and bridge

Adress: Hofer Straße 203, 09353 Oberlungwitz

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Year: ca. 1940
Postal state: postally unused
Inscription on front side: Gruß aus Oberlungwitz i. Sa. Partie am Rathaus, Gasthof Lamm, Rathaus, Postamt, Apotheke, Löwen Apotheke, Autolicht-Motorrad-Reparatur, Fahrzeuge Erich Kunze, Ruf 108-1001, ! Achtung! Halt! Hier! Übernachtung. Gut Essen. Wein und Bier. ! Tankt Derop, Derop
Inscription on back side: Graph. Kunstanstalt [... Hohe]nstein-Er. Nachdr. Verboten, O 18
Postmark(s): Oberl[ungwitz ... ]

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