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Germany / Deutschland > Bavaria / Bayern > Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district > Bad Tölz > Tölz > Panorama of Tölz
Keywords: Panorama, Churches, Isar, Rivers, Statues, Rafts, Isar Valley
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Condition: traces of bends on the top, bottom corner bends
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monochrome photograph with four views – 1st) panorama of Bad Tölz, 2nd) Benediktenwand mountain group, Isar river with town and church in front, 3rd) Winzerhaus (vintner house), statue in front, 4th) Isar river with raft

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Price: 5.00 €
Year: ca. 1930
Postal state: postally used 193x
Inscription on front side: Bad Tölz, bayr. Hochland, Totalansicht, Benediktenwandgruppe, Moralt- und Winzerhaus, Floss auf der Isar
Inscription on back side: Aufnahme und Verlag: Max Lerpscher, Bad Tölz. Nr. 1235
Postmark(s): Bad Tölz, e, 1[0].9.3[...]

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