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Category: Agriculture
Keywords: Cucumbers, Caricatures, Women, Sun, Panorama, Silesia, Formerly German Eastern Territories
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Condition: corners slightly rounded, top edge minimally scuffed, slight traces of bends on the left
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coloured artistic card – cucumber picking, woman with cucumber, human carricatures, city panorama and sun in background

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Year: ca. 1925
Postal state: postally used 1926
Inscription on front side: Grüsse aus der Gurkenstadt Liegnitz, Samen-Gurke, Schäl-Gurke, Rieselfelder Gurke, Schlangen-Gurke, Senf-Gurke, Haken-Gurke, Pfeffer-Gurke, Knoten-Gurke, Einleger, Saure Gurke, Grüne Gurke, M B
Inscription on back side: RKH Schutzmarke, Lgtz. 891. Rübezahl-Druckerei und Verlag Paul Höckendorf, Hirschberg i. Schl.
Postmark(s): Liegnitz, * II *, 1 7 26, 5-6N; ---

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