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Keywords: Riversides, Trams, Classic Cars, Advertising Columns, Lanterns, Danube Canal, Danube, Churches, Towers, Bridges
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Condition: corners slightly, edges minimally scuffed, card minimally curved, back side slightly dirty
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monochrome photograph – Kai (quay) with trams, oldtimers, statues, advertising columns, lanterns and pedestrians, Donaukanal (Danube Canal) / Kleine Donau with bridges, towers of churches in background

Adress: Franz Josefs Kai, 1010 Wien

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Price: 5.00 €

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Year: ca. 1930
Postal state: postally used 1932
Inscription on front side: Wien, Kai, 26.06.
Inscription on back side: Wien I. Kai, 26061 Postkarten Industrie A. G. Wien I. Wollzeile 19, P.A.G.
Postmark(s): 9/1 Wien 68. * 7h *, 27.VII.32.17

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