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Category: World War I
Keywords: Field Post, Soldiers, Bicycles, Signs, Western Front, World War I
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Condition: corners scuffed, card slightly dirty
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[exact location unknown] monochrome photograph – Saint-Martin: Street with soldier, bicycle and German "dead slow"-sign

Price: 7.00 €
Year: ca. 1915
Postal state: postally used without stamp (military mail), 1916
Inscription on front side: St. Martin, Frankreich. Schritt fahren & reiten!
Inscription on back side: Feldpostkarte, 149 Gen. V. Stellv. G. St. Berlin. Verlag A. Lange, Leipzig-Connewitz, Prinz Eugenstr. 3a
Postmark(s): Feldpostexpedition der 23. (K.S.) Reserve-Div.,; XII. Reserve-Armeekorps, 23. Reserve-Division, 102. Reserve-Inf.-Regt., 1. Bataillon, 4. Kompagnie

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