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United Kingdom / Great Britain > Scotland > Argyll and Bute > Crinan > Crinan Bridge
Keywords: Classic Cars, Canals, Ships, Mounts
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Condition: corner bends, corners as well as top end bottom edges slightly damaged
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coloured – channel with ship next to street with oldtimer, mountains in background

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Year: ca. 1950
Postal state: postally used 1952
Inscription on front side: Crinan Bridge, Crinan Canal, Argyll, R224203
Inscription on back side: Valentine's Post Card, Sending Your Greetings ..., For Add[ress] ..., Cold Colour Postcard, Copyright, Published by Valtentine & Sons. Ltd., Dundee and London
Postmark(s): Bellanoch, Lochgilphead, Arbyll, 29 SP 52

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