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Germany / Deutschland > Saxony / Sachsen > Görlitz / Zhorjelc / Zgórjelc district > Ebersbach-Neugersdorf > Haine > Ebersbach & Hainsberg (general)
Keywords: Greeting Cards, Panorama, Mounts, Restaurants, Train Stations, Factories, Chimneys, Flags, Tables, Banks
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Condition: card and corners slightly damaged, back side slightly dirty
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coloured with four views – 1st) factories with chimneys, 2.) Panorama of Ebersbach with factories and chimneys, Hainberg mountain in background, 3rd) restaurant with flag, tables, benches and guests on Hainberg mountain, 4.) train station, Haine and Hainberg

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Year: ca. 1895
Postal state: postally used 1898
Inscription on front side: Gruss vom Hainberg, Ebersbach in Sachsen, Bahnhof mit Haine und Hainberg. Aug. Kutschke, Altgersdorf
Inscription on back side: Deutsche Reichspost, Postkarte, An ... in ... Wohnung (Straße und Hausnummer) ...
Postmark(s): Ebersbach (Sachs.), a, 30.5.[98 1]0-11V.; 3[...].5.90, Karlsbad [1], 5

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