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Condition: corners scuffed, front side slightly dirty, stamp of regiment in very good quality
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coloured artistic card – outer view of command tower of a submarine with crew and flag of German Reich navy

Price: 9.00 €
Year: 1917
Postal state: postally used without stamp (military mail), 1918
Inscription on front side: no text
Inscription on back side: Postkarte, U-Boot-Spende 1917, Prof. Willy Stöwer: Auf dem Kommandoturm eines U-Bootes (Plakat der U-Boot-Spende). J. J. Weber, Leipzig
Postmark(s): Grimma, * c *, -; Ersatz-Eskadron, 2. (K.S.) Husaren-Regiment Nr. 19, "Kronprinz Wilhelm des Deutschen Reiches u. v. Preussen" [mit Sächsischem Wappen]

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