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Germany / Deutschland > Saxony / Sachsen > Bautzen district > Radeberg (city) > Liegau-Augustusbad > Augustusbad
Keywords: Baths, Bathhouses, Kurhauses, Chimneys, Towers, Women, Dresses
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Condition: corners and edges slightly damaged, back side minimally blotchy
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coloured – bath house with chimney, kurhaus with tower, women in dresses in front

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Price: 14.00 €
Year: ca. 1910
Postal state: postally used 1915
Inscription on front side: Augustusbad b. Reichenberg, Bade-Haus, Kur-Haus, Bade-Haus. Cur-Haus.
Inscription on back side: 2086 Kunstverlag Alfred Hartmann, Dresden-A., Annenstr. 48 II.
Postmark(s): Liegau-Augustusbad, 16.8.15 12-1N

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