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Keywords: Chimneys, Markets, Domes, Post, Museums
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Condition: bottom left corner bend, other corners slightly scuffed, back side applied with glue and slightly loose on the bottom
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coloured – four views of Freiberg: 1st) Total view, 2nd) Halbsrücker Esse (Halsbrück chimney) near Freiberg, 3rd) post office, 4th) Untermarkt (lower market) with Dom (cathedral) and Albert museum

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Year: ca. 1915
Postal state: postally used without stamp (military mail), 1917
Inscription on front side: Freiberg, Total, Halsbrücker Esse bei Freiberg, Postamt, Dom, Albertmuseum
Inscription on back side: Heliokolorkarte von Ottmar Zieher, München. SNGG
Postmark(s): 2x Bischofswerda (Sachsen),

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