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Germany / Deutschland > Saxony-Anhalt / Sachsen-Anhalt > Burgenlandkreis district > Weißenfels (city) > Leißling > Leißling (general)
Keywords: Greeting Cards, Panorama, Churches, Towers, Memorials, Schools, Women, Censorship
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Condition: edges slightly damaged
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monochrome photograph with six views – 1st) panorama of Leißling with church, surrounded by forest, 2nd) Bahnhofsstraße (train station street), 3rd) memorial for World War I, 4th) school., 5th) Bahnhofsstraße (train station street) with woman, 6st) other street (name of street censored)

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Year: ca. 1940
Postal state: postally unused
Inscription on front side: Gruß aus Leißling, Bahnhofstrasse, Kriegerdenkmal 1914/18, Schule, Bahnhofstrasse, [zensiert]-Strasse
Inscription on back side: Verlag von Otto Blaubach, Naumburg-Saale, Freigegeben durch R. L. M. Nr. E 13866, R 181 43
Postmark(s): none

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