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Keywords: Greeting Cards, Litographies, Panorama, Chimneys, Restaurants, Forest, Rocks, Churches, Schools, Fortresses
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Condition: corners and edges slightly damaged, card slightly dirty
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coloured lithography with five views – 1st) panorama of Dohna with factory and chimney, church and church tower, houses surrounded by forest, 2nd) church with church tower, pedestrians in front, 3rd) school with fence and gate, 4th) rocks with castle, tower, trees and people, 5th) restaurant with pedestrians, lantern and horse-drawn vehicle in front

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Year: ca. 1895
Postal state: postally used 1902
Inscription on front side: Gruss aus Dohna. d. ... 18..., Gesammt-Ansicht v. Dohna. Kirche, Schule, Ruine, Gasthof zum Müglitzthal. Verlag: O. Naumann, Dohna.
Inscription on back side: Deutsche Reichspost. Postkarte. An ... in ... Wohnung (Straße und Hausnummer) ...
Postmark(s): Lockwitz, * a *, -; Deutschenbroda, * * *, -

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