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Category: Ships & Boats
Keywords: Bridges, East River, Steam Ships, Sailing Ships, Boats, Twilight, Artistic Cards, Lights
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Condition: front side minimally damaged, tiny holes centrally on top and bottom, back side minimally dirty, beautiful exemplar altogether
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coloured artistic card by Alex Kirchner – East River at evening twilight with enlighted steam ship, sayling ships and boat, Brooklyn Bridge above

Adress: Brooklyn Bridge, New York, NY

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Price: 7.00 €

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Year: ca. 1910
Postal state: postally unused
Inscription on front side: Alex Kirchner
Inscription on back side: Union postale universelle, Carte Postale – Postkarte – Post card, Cartolina Postale – Levelezö Lap, Brefkort – Briefkaart – Brevkort, [kyrillisch: Otkritoe-pismo], Tarjeta postal – Dopisnice – Carto postal, R 1003 New York, Brooklyn Bridge
Postmark(s): none

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