Postcard Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station in Berlin city [ Permalink ]

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Germany / Deutschland > Berlin > Berlin city > Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg borough > Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station
Category: Disasters & Fires
Keywords: Accidents, Disasters, Trains, Elevated Railways, Underground
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Condition: corners and edges minimally damaged, back side minimally dirty
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monochrome photograph – elevated railway with metro in accident, wreckage of crashed down wagon, pedestrians

Adress: Luckenwalder Straße, 10963 Berlin

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Year: 1908
Postal state: postally unused
Inscription on front side: Die furchtbare Katastrophe auf der Hochbahn zu Berlin am 26. September 1908, Die Unglücksstätte
Inscription on back side: Postkarte – Carte postale, Correspondenzkarte – Levelezö Lap, Dopisnice – Dopisnica – Post card – Karte korespondencyjna – Cartolina postale – Briefkaart – Carta postala – Brefkort – Tarjeta postal – Korespondencni listek – [kyrillisch: Dopisna karta – Otkritoe pismo], No. 2568/1 Verl. S. & G. Saulsohn, Berlin C. 25
Postmark(s): none

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