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Germany / Deutschland > Thuringia / Thüringen > Altenburger Land > Altenburg > Zentrum / Center > Altenburg (general)
Category: Agriculture
Keywords: Artistic Cards, Cheese, Goat Cheese, Traditional Costumes
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Condition: corners minimally scuffed, card slightly dirty, trace of album on the bottom left
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coloured artistic card – two Altenburgers with giant plate of Altenburg goat cheese

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Year: ca. 1935
Postal state: postally used 1936
Inscription on front side: Der Altenborger Zeegenkase. Su en soft'gen Zeegenkase / Dan kreit d'r armste Monn nich sott, / 'n schennsten duh mer salwer asse, / De annern schoff mer in de Schtott. / Dan hie, dan schick mer Eich glei zu, / Drum asst'n nar mit vullen Freeden / Ihr kunnt Eich dron ä Giedchen duh, / Mor hun'n o glei ongeschneeden.
Inscription on back side: Postkarte, L. H. N. Altenburg Nr. 62
Postmark(s): Zeitz 1, (...), 16.10.36- (7)

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