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Germany / Deutschland > Bavaria / Bayern > Independent cities / kreisfreie Städte > Nuremberg > Altstadt (old town) > Nuremberg (general)
Keywords: Memorials, Statues, Albrecht Dürer, Birth Houses, Fortresses, Towers, Greeting Cards
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Condition: corners slightly damaged, back side damaged by glue, slight trace of bend on the bottom right
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coloured with three views – 1st) memorial (statue of Albrecht Dürer), 2nd) Dürerhaus (Durer house) corner house, 3rd) path to castle with trees, castle with towers in background

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Year: ca .1900
Postal state: postally unused
Inscription on front side: Gruss aus Nürnberg. Albrecht Dürerstatue. Albrecht Dürer, Das Dürerhaus. Partie vom Sittlerthor nach der Burg. No 290.
Inscription on back side: Postkarte. An ... in ...
Postmark(s): none

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