Postcard Catholic journeymen house in Krupka / Graupen (city) [ Permalink ]

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Czech Republic / Česká republika > Ústí nad Labem region / Ústecký kraj > Teplice district / Okres Teplice > Krupka / Graupen (city) > Bohosudov / Mariaschein > Catholic journeymen house
Keywords: Fassades, Corner Houses, Bohemia, Sudetenland, Formerly German Eastern Territories
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Condition: corners rounded, trace of bend, relief of postmark, card slightly dirty and slightly curved
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[exact location unknown] monochrome photograph – facades with corner house

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Year: ca. 1940
Postal state: postally used 1941
Inscription on front side: Kath. Gesellenhaus Mariaschein
Inscription on back side: no text
Postmark(s): Mariaschein, über Teplitz-Schöna, 16.4.41 [--1]

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