User guide for our interactive map


Functions of the map

Our interactive map allows advanced internet users to browse specific areas of the world for our historic picture postcards in a new and exciting way.

The map is divided into three different layers: The worldwide view, that shows all the countries, the country view, that shows all the cities of a country and the city view, that shows all the places of a city from which we offer historic picture postcards.

The countries, cities and places will be shown by three different symbols:

place with picture postcards

Click on one of these symbols to show the name, the number of postcards and further options. In the worldwide view you can go on to the country view or show a list of all postcards from this country. In the country view, you can show the city view or the list of all postcards from this city. And in the city view you can even show pictures of the postcards from a place inside the current city.

If you choose the option of showing a list of all postcards, you will leave the map and find yourself in the directory of places and postcards on our website.

Just try it by yourself. Have fun!

Moving and zooming

Zooming in means to show an object (a country, a city, a street) bigger (or nearer). Zooming out means to go away from the current object, so you can see more from the area around the current object.

The map can be used with your mouse, your keyboard and the navigation controls on the left side of the map as well. If you have used a map of this kind (e.g. Google Maps) before, you will find your way around soon.

Click once into the map and press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move. Press the keys + or - to zoom in and zoom out.

You cas also hold your left mouse button and move to mouse to change the position of the map. Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Or use the navigation controls on the left side of the map: Click on the arrows around the hand symbol to move and click on + or - below to zoom in and out.

In the top right corner of the map you can change between map, satellite and terrain view. It depends on what you liek more. Just try it!

Lost your way?

You don't know anymore where you are? Just press the F5 key on the top of your keyboard or use the Refresh function of your browser program to go back to the starting position of the current map.

To go back to the upper layer, use the Back button of your browser program or the link on the right side above the map (Back to "...").


Depending on your computer and your internet connection, the loading of a map can take some time. A loading note will be shown on the very top as long as the map is not loaded completely.

Please be patient. Thank you very much!

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