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Germany / Deutschland > Saxony / Sachsen > Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge > Königstein (Sächsische Schweiz) > Pfaffendorf > Pfaffenstein mountain
Keywords: Artistic Cards, Rocks, Mounts, Saxon Switzerland, Cows, Animals, Flags
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Condition: corners and edges minimally damaged, trace of postmark on front side, front side dirty, back side minimally damaged
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coloured artistic card - Pfaffenstein mountain with rocks and flag, farm with woman and cows in front

Adress: Pfaffensteinweg, 01824 Königstein/Sächsische Schweiz

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Price: 8.00 €
Year: ca. 1895
Postal state: postally used 1899
Inscription on front side: Sächs. Schweiz: Pfaffenstein, 428 m ü. 0. Aufsteig durchs Nadelöhr. W[...] Schmidt, Verlag v. Herm. Keiler, Pfaffenstein. Teleph. Amt Königstein a/E. No. 18
Inscription on back side: Postkarte
Postmark(s): Königstein (Elbe), * a, 26.5.99 [11-12] V.; Dres[den] Neust. 8, * b,
Stamp(s): - unvalidated and without warranty - [Michel #46] Reichspost 1889 grün 5 Pfg

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